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Fresh branding that attracts the right customers a company needs to grow
Good news... people need your service!
Yet do they know why they should pick your company over
another quality company?

We identify the unique business promise of each of our clients.
We ask them “How do you matter to customers you want to serve?
Go beyond the list of services you provide; other companies have similar services.
What does your company do so well that rival companies can’t match?”

This is how you matter to customers.
Identifying your unique business promise is what PM Design & Marketing has done well
for 20 years.

Many corporate slogans are just marketing buzzwords — ie “Banking Reimaged”.
Where is their promise to their customers?

To attract the right customers, a company’s business promise should feel authentic and
compelling as these business promises below:

  1. FedEx’s slogan is a promise — “The World On Time”
    If they deliver on time, they build trust; people want this and will refer others to them.
  2. Saddleback Leather’s slogan is a promise — “They’ll Fight Over it When You’re Dead.”
    Their leather goods are so exceptional, they offer a 100 year warranty! People want this.
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Once we identify your unique business promise, we’ll apply it in a unified marketing program
such as custom logo design, new website design and fresh advertising.

Call us; give us 10 minutes. We’ll show you how great branding can distinguish your firm in ways
local rivals can’t match — AND attract the right customers you need to grow. 908.665.6878.

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