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20th July, 2017

Don't Have Time to Grow Your Business?

For the small business owner, every day is a long-to-do checklist that changes hourly throughout the day — staffing changes, cash flow issues, production reports and so on.   

Modern technology delights as a multiplier that accelerates production, streamlines deals and enhances local and global profit opportunities. At the same time, modern technology hog ties many companies with its relentless change and speed. For many small businesses, web technology and the hyper active social media channels are perceived as many headed beast too overwhelming, too time consuming and too expensive to face. The unsaid small business strategy is to react to only when required to.  

So the small business owner is caught between completing immediate tasks to pay bills and finding crucial time to think about the how, why, where, and when questions needed to grow the business, Not to plan eventually leads to a small business staalling and being pushed to the sidelines of an industry. It's not rare to hear about a great companiy with keen vision and stellar staff, fall by the wayside due to lack of a strategy and plan to guide new growth. 

Small business owners need to find those insightful business numbers that will tell them the next steps needed to grow. It has been said that "what you measure out you will come to observe closer." One of our lifestyle clients, a custom home builder, read his business numbers to see an increasing shift of homeowner interest from looking to build a new home to a strong preference of a major remodeling of their home. Why the change? Remodeling allowed homeowners to keep the home, the neighborhood and local friends they've come to treature over the years. By giving time to numbers and trends, this small business owner made a shift to follow home owner customers new wants and keep his business growing. 

A small business owners role may be the passionate center of the business or the one with the grit making things work even against the odds. Whatever your team mix. make it your mission to find the right partner to get the small business marketing and business strategy expertise needed to grow your business. You've come to rely on and  trust your accountant and your lawyer because they had the professional skills to get you answers your small business needed to take smart steps to grow. The right small business marketing expert can make you more confident about your small business' future growth. 

"If you're not a little out of control you're not going fast enough. "
— Mario Andretti.

Busy is good in business. Yet going in circles is only a winning strategy in oval track car racing not for a successful modern business. Two hundred years ago, the very successful business man, Benjamin Franklin wisely mused..."If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."  

Don't wait to grow your remarkable business; there are lots of new customers who want to know about your unique services.

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photo credit:  brendan church