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18th November, 2020

Which 3 Photos Matter Most on Your Company Home Design Website?

Home design websites need to make an impact from that first stunning photo. You know, the one you feel you can step right into. A dramatic, full-page photo that captures a homeowner’s attention is likely to keep a prospective client exploring your website - and can lead to an appointment with you.

Yet, how does a home designer, like you, know exactly which project photos matter most?

1. Post Beautiful Photos That Best Showcase Your Talents and Areas of Design Expertise.
Colorful, full-page photos that focus on the in-home or exterior-home areas you most want to design help today's homeowners value your home design expertise. Be sure to feature a mix of stylish photos on your homepage to grab attention. If you are an interior designer, find sophisticated shots of your favorite room project. A kitchen designer can do the same, featuring granite counters, dramatic lighting and custom hardware details. Taken from the right angle, even a small room can look fantastic when focused on the details that spark the imagination, like amazing fixtures and unusual accents. If you are a home builder, dramatic wide shots impress while enticing your visitor to imagine the fresh style inside.

2. Show Revealing Before & After Photo That Homeowners Always Want to See
People visit home design sites to see what is possible for their home and to search for design firms they want to work with. After reading photo spreads in magazines like Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors, and Coastal Living, homeowners expect the “Wow” factor for their own home projects. Before and after photos are the most popular segments of cable home design shows, and lead homeowners to wonder what can be done in their own home. They spend hours on popular home decor websites like to search for different types of home remodeling projects, styles and solutions. Interior designers, home builders and  landscapers can inspire confidence in their talents by revealing distinctive before and after photos of their own home projects.

3. Update with New, Fresh Photos — Showing Older, Outdated Photos Tell an Older Company Story
If you have an older website it may be telling an old story about you. It could reflect your talents from five years ago or home decor trends from the past. Trends move on. Savvy visitors to your website watch house design shows and expect modern, fresh ideas and photos that your older website content does not convey. This turns customers away. For example, a kitchen designer website that features darker kitchen cabinets will be seen as an outdated choice for a homeowner, when the trend in kitchen cabinets for the last five years has been white or off-white cabinets. It might be time for a website refresh that accurately spotlights your work and branding, new project photos and home stories.  

The use of effective photos throughout a home design website can showcase your design aesthetic, use of colors and space. Hire a local residential photographer. Or hire interior design web design companies like PM Design that can refer you to their top residential photographers. A quick note. Large format photos, especially in quantity, need to be optimized so all your photos open quickly on your website and mobile website. If not optimized, your website will open too slowly and turn away homeowners who won’t return

Making a bold, first impression on a home design site begins with big, vibrant photos that wonderfully reflect your distinctive craft and unique aesthetic. This is what homeowners are looking for.

Award-winning PM Design has completed 40 home design branding and website projects across the United States.
The right web design firm like PM Design and beautiful photos will help you to attract the affluent customers you seek, book more appointments and secure new projects.

As a home decor expert, you know home design. If you are interested in learning more about how to create a visually appealing and branded website — call PM design at 908.665.6878.

P.S One more photo idea….don’t forget to feature a great photo of yourself so homeowners can pick up on your wonderful energy and personality!