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31st January, 2019

Interior Designers... what's your unique business promise? A Checklist for better branding.

Affluent homeowners truly indulge in reading about their favorite home design styles — modern, transitional, formal, country, coastal, etc.

Consider that the American Society of Interior Designers has 13,500 members; how does an affluent homeowner find the right one for their home design needs and budget? History tells us most connections come through personal referrals, from online searches on Google and and from top design magazines.

How does an affluent homeowner know which quality firm is right for them? ​
Since a majority of interior designers belong to ASID or accredited industry groups and display beautiful room photos on their websites, how does an affluent homeowner know which quality firm is right for them? Popular buzz phrases abound on the best interior design websites about “Inspired Interiors..”,  “We Deliver Livable Luxury...” and  “Your Dream Space Awaits...” These slogan sound appealing yet may be just eye candy that does little to advance an interested homeowner's understanding about an interior design firm's ability to solve their kind of home design issues.

Branding is about your company’s unique business promise — one that rival interior design firms cannot match. An authentic business promise rings true and leads to customers saying, "this is the firm I have been looking for my home design." Talented interior decorators can deliver beautifully on their unique business promise. 

PM Design & Marketing does this for our interior design clients to attract the type of customers they want to serve — and that grows their firm.

     1.  Maria Bevill Interior Design, Chester, NJ has a personal approach  “Clients tell me that when their friends first see their updated Home they say ‘Your home now looks like you.' ” 

     2.  Kimberly Eastman, KAE Interior Design, Monkton, MD has a more psychological approach for her clients who are in life-altering transitions — “We design Your Home, We re-align Your Life.” 

Both interior designers were so pleased they posted 5-Star Google testimonials for PM Design saying their new branding was authentic to who they are and to the clients they seek. Read their Google reviews here at
1. Identify your unique company promise. This is the classic, old-fashion personal handshake that you will standby and your customers will come to trust and rely on you for. FedEx's promise of "The World, On Time". Keep this promise and customers with delivery needs will return time and again.

2. Confirm its validity by fully testing it with the right customers, the ones you most want to serve.

3. Roll out this unique business promise in all marketing tactics —  website, ads, social media. This will reinforce your unique promise makes you trustworthy and can solve the problems businesses need to be solved. 

A helpful way to identify your unique business question is to start with this question.
"If your business were to go out of business this coming weekend, what would your loyal customers miss with you gone?'
Go beyond surface answers of "we are friendly", "we have competitive pricing" and "we have proven experience". What is exceptional about what you do? This is worth knowing about and promoting.

If you need more help with branding questions like this call PM Design & Marketing with our 20 years expertise in identifying unique business promises that spark the right customers to buy. Phil and Wendy can help at 908.665.6878

The Take-Away. . . A 2019 BRANDING TESTIMONIAL:
"Anyone who owns a business should call Phil. I am extremely pleased with my company's new name, logo, and brand!  Phil has tremendous insight and talent in creating a story that tells consumers what my business does. Thanks again Phil.” — BB, NJ