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4th June, 2018

Three New Shiny Website Design Awards... and New Customers for Our Customers.

Our branding work has us identifying a company's brand story and their remarkable "promise" to their customers. How well a company matters to its clients is at core of it growing and succeeding.

Three of our recent small business marketing and brand programs earned high praise from each company's owner. Each owner was further delighted to learn their new website from PM Design earned a national award for web design excellence from Graphic Design USA. 

We got their brand stories right and beautiful and made each of their owners proud and... pleased with their new customers.
1.  Visit KAE Interiors, MD —
Redesigning a room takes talent, realigning interior space to match interior self of customer's Life is a gift. KAE's alignmnent of interior space and Life is fresh modern approach.
> > Client Testimonial:  "Phil, thank you for helping bring form to the next chapter of my life's work."
2.  Visit Moe's Bisto & Bar, NJ —
Colorful, Mediterranean Cuisine with 50 FIVE STAR reviews and a big-hearted chef with a personality as fresh and charming as any of his daily ingredients. A succcessful restaurant marketing program from start to finish.
3.  Visit Half Moon Point, NJ —
A neighborhood gem with sophisticated New American cuisine,
12 tap beers and an international variety of global wines. This is the second restaurant marketing program PM Design & Marketing developed for this growing ocean side restaurant group. 

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The Take Away . . .
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