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9th May, 2018

Modern Small Business Marketing — Five Steps That Matter

1.  Get Perspective.  Step Away from the Blur of Daily Office Demands. Find time and space to listen. It’s famously documented that taking a regular walk recharges and refocuses. Writers, scientists and entrepreneurs get brilliant insights from simple walks. Get out to get insight...

- about your staff; do they need more training? 
- about your small business marketing plan; who is responsible for various tasks?
- about your best customers; which one needs more of your help to grow?

2.  Get More Perspective.  Talk to an expert about business numbers. You may be master of your craft or niche but expert third party insights about the newest numbers, options and risks of your business will open up new thinking. Become the smarter business owner your company needs you to become for it to succeed.

3.  Measure Key Business Factors.  Top professionals do better when they measure. Doctors need blood test analytics to best treat their patients. Top race car drivers rely on dashboard gauges in calculating a winning strategy of rpms, fuel and engine perfomance. Understanding your business numbers make business decisions clearer — and energize your next steps.

4.  Make a Plan and a Schedule.  No plan? Then your company proceeds into the year without a compass and destination.
Risky for sure. Instead, decide where you want to go. Not deciding is basing your business success of the amateur hope that business will get better on its own or your product/service is so exceptional that customers magically show up. A “winging it” business approach will cost you nights of hard-earned sleep.

5.  Understand Why You Matter to Your Customers. What need
do you fulfill? Go beyond the simple notions that you provide good customer service and a good price. Ask yourself... if your company suddenly went out of business, would it matter to your customers?
If yes, what would they miss about your company? If customers wouldn’t miss your company then recommit yourself to focus on listening more and mattering more to those customers you want to serve.

The Take-Away. . .
Where do you want your business to go this year? 
We fully listen and together with you create a marketing plan that makes your team’s daily efforts matter and successful.
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