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27th April, 2018

Customers Expect Fresh News — Your Outdated Website Content Sends Them to Competitors.

We started working with quality Home Builder who wanted to grow his kitchen design business. He wondered why his business was not growing. We reviewed his marketing materials and discovered clear clues why new customers were not coming to him. For example, his website showcased a gallery of beautiful kitchens built with handsome dark woods. Unfortunately the trend in kitchen design for the last four years had been with neutral white kitchens, off white cabinets and back splashes
Online customers were NOT going to choose his company for their kitchen design because his website didn’t show beautiful samples of popular white kitchens they wanted to buy. 
Lesson: Outdated marketing materials can reflect that a company is out of touch with new customer wants.

Likewise with a restaurant website in May that still features  menus from New Year’s Eve. Old menus turn away customers looking for new menus of fresh dishes.

Or a town optician whose Facebook profile features fun, winter fashion eyewear — yet its summertime now and new customers are looking to buy fun summer eyewear.

A companies business marketing materials clearly reflect how much that small business is paying attention to their customers. 
A. Got 6 minutes? Take this valuable 6 minute checkup to see how well your online marketing tools work and to learn how new customers see you business online. Your business depends on effective webs tools. Customers expect helpful tools to make their purchase decisions. 

1. Website Speed Test:
    Why it matters — If your website is slow to open up, customers will abandon it… not to return. 
     > Two minute test at

2. Google’s User-Friendly Mobile Website Test:
   Why it matters — If your website is NOT mobile-ready, customers can’t read it easily and will abandon your mobile website for another online company. 
    > Two minute test at

3. Tablet Ready Website Test:
     Why it matters — If original website design was created to look great on large 24” desktop displays, parts of the desktop website page edges may be lost on a smaller 9” tablet format.

Imagine if the Contact Us tab on the desktop was cut off the right side on the smaller tablet version. If tablet customers can’t see Contact Us tab at right edge of your website, they are missing info they need to choose your company.   
   > Two minute test at

B. What do these test reports mean? Start with these two questions: 

- Do these tests say your online marketing tools are working well — or broken and turning way new customers?  

- Can this website be fixed easily at little cost — or are there larger problems/ and barriers to getting the new online customers you need to grow?

The Take Away . . .
Car problems? You turn to a great mechanic.
Health questions? You ask a caring doctor.
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