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27th April, 2018

4 Ways a Great Business Logo Design Appeals to Customers

A company logo’s job is to be the compelling face and brand image of a business.

Done well a great business logo design reflects the traits of your company, the traits that say your company is remarkably different from other companies. One way to measure a company logo as being great is to consider in five years will you still remember it?... will it still have an impact? Contrast this to the $97 logos created by online logo factories that cobble together a new logo design using cliche graphics, over-used fonts and a trendy swirl accent. 

1.  The best logo design provides clear insight into what your business is about and does. 

2.  The best logo design targets the customers you most want to serve — the customer you need to succeed.

3.  The best logo design earns trust and creditably from its crafted, quality and professional graphic design look and feel.

4.  A great business logo design is thought through with its practical everyday uses in mind to scale to different sizes —  from 2” art on business cards to 8’ exterior signage and truck graphics. A cool logo design is practical in ways that it saves you money by adapting to one color, two color needs as well as merchandise opportunities.

Like its workhorse marketing cousin, the business card, a great custom logo design does its job well year after year to attract your customers and build trust in your company. It needs to have clear the impact that relates to the excellence of your products and services. As a brand agency, our 75 national awards for logo design speak to our skill in developing remarkable logos that  business value. It's a cornerstone of your small business marketing and branding program.

— Sherman’s Taphouse Restaurant logo in CT 

Restaurateur was to create a new handcrafted-food restaurant in CT. With four other established restaurants within five miles of him, he needed his new restaurant to stand out and not be lost as just another town tavern.  He needed a great restaurant logo design to get his restaurant noticed as special as well as quickly attract new customers.

Our new tavern logo design gave his new restaurant immediate credibility because it looked as if it had been around for over successful five years. Customers were intrigued, stopped in and created great buzz with their Yelp raves. This business logo design can be found at 

BUSINESS LOGO #2 — Bernards’ Township Community Healthcare logo design in NJ

Regional health department needed to spotlight its health department services for 12 area towns. Our fresh tree logo with its branches of interconnected people reflected the community-centered goals. This award-winning healthcare logo design is at (logo #3)

BUSINESS LOGO #3 — Grape Escape Wine Making custom logo design in PA 

New wine-making company faced local competition with similar wine-making services. Our new wine logo design captured the hands on, craftsmanship and magical experience of novice wine-making customers turning grapes into custom wine blends. This award-winning small business logo design can be found at (logo #6)

Client Testimionial. "Nancy and I wanted to take some time to thank you and your team for the wonderful job you have done for our new company. Starting a business is an overwhelming, chaotic and thrilling experience… it has been all of those things for us. From the beginning, Nancy and I knew we wanted quality branding, to separate us from our competitors. What we didn’t know was how we would get there and who we would go to. While writing the business plan for our winemaking school, we didn’t really plan on branding the company image the first year or two, as we thought there were other more pressing priorities. We have come to learn, thanks to PM Design, that branding is a key element of success right up front. We now have an appreciation for its significance, and have noticed the effect on our customers. Brand really does matter.

Our new logo and restaurant branding, created by PM Design is something I never tire of showing people and telling them about how you created it. You managed to capture the essence of winemaking in our logo… it still amazes us. You should take great comfort in knowing that you helped form our message and helped our business grow in ways that are transparent to most. Today, we wouldn’t even think of making a marketing move without involving PM Design. Thank you again for your personal attention to our account and for the outstanding results." — TN, Grape Escape Winemaking, NJ 

NOTE. A great logo is different from a popular logo.  The Verizon logo is a nationally recognized corporate logo design but is neither remarkable or memorable of source of logo design inspiration. Older brand logo designs shown in above graphic like the Olympic logo of five interlinking rings (1932), the World Wildlife Fund panda logo design (1961) and the FedEx (1994) endure because they still tell their story memorably decade after decade.

As a brand image specialist and web design agency, PM Design has earned 70 national awards for its best logo design for health groups, small businesses, restaurants, corporations and lifestyle companies. Visit Our logo designers are part of our small business marketing programs of award-winning website design and development, graphic design, and digital marketing plans. 


As one of New Jersey’s top branding companies our remarkable business logo design reflects the character and promise your company stands for. Give Cathy or Phil a call at 908.665.6878.

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