People want to experience magic... to feel delight. Companies that
create delight earn a trust that leads to new customers.

We love companies passionate to do great work people care
about. Owners who love what they create and can't imagine doing
anything else. It's in their blood, in their DNA. They create meaning
and connection that other companies can't copy.

At PM Design & Marketing, LLC, we tell your remarkable brand story.
We grow businesses, winning the trust of customers you most want to serve.

Passionate and remarkable companies are invited
to call us at 908.665.6878

My Business
Has Stalled.
My Website
Doesn't Bring in
My Business
is Invisible
on Google.
How Do
I Find More


Hire us - Isn't it time to grow your business?

You may not have the time, the staff, the marketing know-how to brand
and market your company. After one call you’ll start to believe how our
branding expertise can grow your special business.

Passionate and remarkable companies are invited to call Phil at 908.665.6878


Many companies stall. Why?.. in part because they never get their brand story out their front door or only
focus on selling their products instead of the solutions that matter to the customers they want to serve.
PM Design shows businesses how mattering to the customers they want to serve is how to grow.

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  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Strategic Marketing

    3. GO AHEAD, RENT PHIL'S BRAIN — Creative brainstorming and problem solving is available to help
    small businesses grow. Phil can quickly get at heart of business issues and identify the next smart steps.
    Hourly Rate, call Phil or Cathy at 908.665.6878.

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120 NATIONAL AWARDS in Design Excellence

  • 2017

    - Web Design: Cinder's Woodfire Grill, NJ - GDUSA

  • 2016

    - Logo Design: Hearth & Tap Tavern, NJ - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Grand Marquis Venue - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Printcbf, NJ - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Ebanisti Kitchens, Ireland - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Chef Ryan DePersio, NJ - GDUSA

  • 2015

    - Logo Design: Bergen Healthcare, NJ - GDUSA

    - Logo Design: Riverstone Center Wellness, NJ - GDUSA

    - Logo Design: Amci's Brick Oven, SC - Logo Lounge

    - Web Design: Eccola Bistro, NJ - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Glory Days Diner, CT - GDUSA

  • 2014

    - Ad Design Ford's Fish Shack, VA - GDUSA

    - Truck Wrap: Ford's Fish Shack, VA - GDUSA

    - Mobile Design: Eccola, NJ - ADCNJ

    - Web Design: Fiorino Ristorante, NJ - GDUSA

  • 2013

    - Web Design: Artistic Millwork, CA - GDUSA

  • 2012

    - Logo Design: Insignia Steakhouse, NY - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Morris Tap & Grill, NJ - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Jason's Organic Pizza Cafe, NJ - GDUSA

  • 2011

    - Logo Design: Hideway Steakhouse, CO - GDUSA

    - Logo Design: Ford's Fish Shack, VA - GDUSA

    - Logo Design: Galioto's 1221, WI - Logo Lounge

      Cheesetopia, PA - Logo Lounge

     Insignia Steakhouse, NY - Logo Lounge

     Maxwell's 35, NJ - Logo Lounge

     Heaven, NYC - Logo Lounge

    - Web Design: La Spiaggia, NJ - GDUSA

    - Web Design: Luigi's Kitchen, NY - GDUSA

    - Logo Design: Melt Cafe, NJ - Restaurant Bar & Graphics

     Babalu, NYC - Restaurant Bar & Graphics

     Roots Steakhouse, NJ - Restaurant Bar & Graphics

     Ginza Sushi, NJ - Restaurant Bar & Graphics

  • 2009

    - Web Design Char Steakhouse, NJ - GDUSA


PM Design & Marketing, LLC can grow your business
and connect to the customers your want to serve.

Our Branding, Web and Marketing programs start at
$5500. Naming and Logo programs starts at $1800.

Call Phil or Cathy at 908.665.6878 or email for FREE 20 min. consultation.

"The result was simply a home run."

"We were re-branding our 30 year concept into a
fresh modern brand that will appeal to a broader
consumer base. When I hired PM Design &
Marketing, LLC I ended up getting was a team of
professionals that took the time to really under-
stand what we were trying to accomplish and live
the brand during the development phase.

The result was simply a home run." - JK. VA