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PROFILE: Paul Robinson 30 Year-Woodwork Designer/Builder

Paul began his career as a cabinet maker and was awarded 'Apprentice of The Year'. At the age of 21, he set up his own business making furniture and then expanded into design/build of pubs. This included pubs and restaurants in America, where complete designs were built in Northern Ireland, shipped across the Atlantic and installed on site.

In 2000 he returned to the craft of cabinet making and now continues to design, manufacture and install the finest of handmade furniture items in Ireland, the UK and the USA.

It takes hands
to build a house, but only hearts
can build
a home.quote

Author Unknown
Our Ebanisti Philosophy

Ebanisti took it's name from a breakaway group of French cabinet makers in the 17th and 18th Century, whose methods of design and manufacturing we still follow today. Specialising in hardwood veneers and painted furniture and using traditional methods of construction we set our standards with a view to their past master craftsmanship.

When designing our purpose built furniture, we do so with a passion and attention to detail, using only the best quality materials.

Our methods of construction and manufacturing are characteristic
of the 'Ebanisti', mortice and tennon joints, dovetails, cross band veneering, herring bone veneering and inlays.

We endeavour to create furniture of great quality which meets
each individual's specific requirements.

Since my early years as an apprentice, I have felt priviledged to
work with fine craftsmen who have shared their skills and knowledge with me.
I now do my best to do the same and hope I train my apprentices with both enthusiasm and a little fun!! 'Quality runs deep.quote     — Paul Robinson

master craftsmanship

Paul Robinson
30 year designer/builder

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